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Creative marketing is not just design. It ties with technology, hence data, nowadays. Digital marketing comes from understanding technology, understanding data, which can be leveraged to create innovative marketing and business strategies, designs, products, ideas…

Real experience of implementing marketing automation from scratch from business environments analysis > vendors evaluation, selections > planning and rollout. 

International experience. Flexible. Agile. 

It is round. 360 degree. Not square. 90 degree x 4.

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"Melpo Wong and I have had the pleasure of working together since June, 2012. We were in strong need of a strategic thinker with hands-on experience, innovative but process-oriented individual… She is one of the most dynamic individuals with strong work ethic and also capable of translating missions into executable strategy… She is a natural born leader and willing to make everyone around her better…"
Philip Schaetz, SVP Sales & Marketing
Dorsett Hospitality International, December 2015
$ 1600000
booking revenue in 3 months campaign
Hybrid Marketing Data Technology Professional

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